A Long YearThe Big Easy

The Big Easy will release their Debut Album titled "A Long Year" via Forged Artifacts on October 23, 2020. 

According to the Press Release:

Though it opens on a note of pure ebullience, A Long Year dances across genres and stylistic boundaries, and not in some calculated way. The members of The Big Easy don’t pull from any one box, so they don’t fit in one either. At any moment it can call to mind bands like Cursive, PUP, or even The Beach Boys; it’s emo, pop-punk and indie rock, all without playing by the rules of any of them. Production-wise, A Long Year solidifies The Big Easy’s personality in sonic form, bridging the gap between being more accessible and clean while still having a lo-fi, band-in-a-basement kinda vibe.

Much like the year it chronicles, the recording process for A Long Year took longer than Berthomieux expected, but all that work pays off in the final product. Produced and engineered by Tom Warren, then handed off to Erik Romero for mixing and Christian Deutsch for mastering, the record took on the personality of the people Berthomieux trusted to help make A Long Year exactly what he always envisioned. 

“The process was really long and drawn out, but I think that’s what makes the record what it is in a weird way. The Big Easy is a lo-fi indie band, and all the other genres we fall into, punk, emo, whatever, I don’t care; we are going to be the band that brings you this really raw personality, while making it as accessible as possible, without losing that essential aspect of where I came from as a musician.” 

All over A Long Year, The Big Easy confidently transforms on a dime, dodging predictable patterns to instead create big cathartic moments that feel truly earned. That’s because everything about this record feels informed by struggle, but not mired in it. By the end, both The Big Easy and the audience have gone on a journey, and they’re both better off for it.

You can listen to their single "It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt" below.

A Long Year album artPurchaseOctober 23rd, 2020