A Shade of Melancholy

Northern Weather
FeaturedA Shade of Melancholy

February 4th, 2022


Akron, Ohio pop-punk band Northern Weather is gearing up to release their debut album "A Shade of Melancholy" on February 4th, 2022 through Carved from Stone Records. With support singles “Neal Says He’s a Viking” and “North River Road”, the four-piece employs visceral instrumentation and heartfelt lyricism through anthemic choruses, energetic verses, and progressive instrumental direction. The band is for fans of blink-182, Free Throw, Title Fight, and The Wonder Years. 

In A Shade of Melancholy, the debut album from Northern Weather, you’ll find an album of damns. Feeling damn angry. Feeling damn sorry. And feeling so damn ready for the future of the Ohio-based emo-punk project. Equal parts profound and pissed-off, guitarist/vocalists Robert Keller and Alex Styles, bassist Garrett Kimmel and drummer Kevin Pees give testament to the powerful trifecta of pop punk, melodic hardcore, and earnest midwestern emo through the 11 songs that are featured on their debut LP.

A Shade of Melancholy is available February 4th, 2022 via Carved from Stone Records and pre-orders should be available soon. Listen to recemt singles “Neal Says He’s a Viking” and “North River Road” along with two previously released singles below.