Color TheoryEmbracer

Charleston, West Virginia's deam pop/shoegaze-inspired alternative rock trio Embracer are set to release their 3rd full length LP titled "Color Theory" on October 4, 2019. The album will be released on all music streaming platforms. Below you can view the official video for the album's first single "Moon Chamber".  

Color Theory album artPurchaseOctober 4th, 2019


Jason Gordon

Embracer prepare for release of Color Theory

September 28th, 2019

If the new single Moon Chamber is any indication of the full length LP, this album has serious potential to be one of my favorite releases of this year. The single is definitely the best I've heard from these guys to date, and really takes their sound in the direction I was hoping they'd go. Combining elements of shoegaze and dream pop with emotionally charged wall of guitar post hardcore and indie/alternative rock, and a hell of a chorus, Moon Chamber is sure to be an anthem at their live shows. The new sound is reminiscent of bands like Moving Mountains, Gates, and even has some elements of late 90s /early 2000s sounding Elliot (and later Frontier(s)) and Rising Tide era Sunny Day Real Estate (although heavier). Can't wait to hear the rest of this LP. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations. Singgggg To Meeeeee!!