Control My SanityLike Pacific

Toronto Pop Punk outfit Like Pacific will release their forthcoming LP titled "Control My Sanity" on December 3rd, 2021 via Pure Noise Records. The band have released a new video for title track "Control My Sanity" which can be streamed below. 

“This is honestly how my brain has felt when I've skipped my medication to feel something different. It's how I was dealing with a past relationship. I just end up feeling super foggy, confused and sometimes manic. The video kind of hurts the eyes to watch but hey, it’s how I feel.” - Jordan Black

Like Pacific make impassioned, sweat-soaked music isn’t all that surprising given their influences, filtering the muscular torchbearers of Tumblr-era underground icons like The Story So Far and Title Fight through the lens of modern production. But what is that it’s just not simply anger for anger’s sake. Not anymore, at least.

“Going into this record we knew we wanted to play with our sound a bit and continue to have fun playing music." says Jordan Black (singer) "This record was stressful. Covid happened at the beginning of recording/pre-production. Not everyone could be in the same room so, collaboratively we wrote songs over video chat and iPhone demos. Which knowing me, I have terrible ADHD so it was very hard for me. In the last two years I’ve been going through the worst depression I’ve ever experienced. This was very helpful for me and the band as a whole. Looking forward to people emotionally connecting to this record. Our best yet.” - Jordan Black

The album was produced by longtime collaborator Sam Guaiana.

Stream the previous tracks "Ketamine Jesus" and "Love Them And Leave Them" below as well.

Control My Sanity album artPurchaseDecember 3rd, 2021