Cosmic LatteBy Surprise

Chicago area label Jetsam-Flotsam is excited to announce the newest full-length album by New Jersey indie-rockers By Surprise, titled Cosmic Latte. Cosmic Latte will be released on December 6 digitally and on metallic gold cassette. Physical and digital pre-orders are now available on the pre-order link. You can also stream the first single titled "Basement" below.

Cosmic Latte album artPurchaseDecember 6th, 2019


Jason Gordon

By Surprise surprise us with sophomore LP "Cosmic Latte"

November 14th, 2019

Crazy it's been 8 years since By Surprise's first LP dropped in 2011. I always liked their blend of 90s sounding fuzzed out melodic indie rock, with elements of pop punk, emo, and power pop. Their new single "Basement" doesnt stray far from their original formula. It's a pretty straight forward rocker, short and sweet, with a nice melody and sing-along hook you can nod your head to. I look forward to hearing this album in full to hear how their sound has developed with such a long break between LPs.