DartlandWorst Party Ever

Seattle's indie rock darlings Worst Party Ever prep their debut full length record, aptly titled Dartland, set for release on December 17, 2021 (digital) via No Sleep Records. In 2020, the band relocated from Florida to the Pacific Northwest in order to find a change in pace both in life and musically. Primary songwriter Andrew Schenumen finds solace in Dartland, his first full collection of songs in the project's five year existence. In January, the band will find themselves touring around the country with a mix of headline shows, as well as shows supporting long-standing emo legends Free Throw. Dartland is the bands most mature material to date, both musically and aesthetically. Their first release working with producer and engineer Tyler Floyd finds a full, complex sound, partnered with relentlessly emotionally driven lyrics. The band continues to grow, currently yielding millions of plays across all streaming platforms, as well as boasting great physical sales. Dartland will be available in January 2022 via No Sleep Records.

"We’ve spent the last 2 years recording and writing this album," Andy Schueneman tells us. "It feels like the only release we’ve ever done that I am ready to actually release. I made 'Prism' the first single and track because it helps give context to what the record is about and how I’ve been feeling for the last few years. We all finally had the ability to make something together as we planned back in high school. I'm looking forward to showing everybody the rest of the record as it means so much to us."

Check out the new single "Prism On A Window" below and click the pre-order link to pre-order the LP and some merch from No Sleep!

Dartland album artPurchaseDecember 17th, 2021