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September 23rd, 2022


Excide ready debut LP

New Morality Zine continues to release outstanding new underground music in the melodic hardcore, post-hardcore, and punk-rock realms, often reminiscent of many of the bands I loved in the 90s, and the new Excide full length is no exception. Sitting somewhere between later period Snapcase and the heavier side of Quicksand, the 11 songs on Deliberate Revolver are full of aggression, groove, and melody, with big hooks to go along with it. At the same time, the songs sound current with the new crop of bands taking cues from this era of music, not dissimilar from bands like Higher Power or earlier Turnstile, along with many of the outstanding bands on the NMZ roster as well. Be sure to check this LP out when it drops later this month. It rocks!

By Jason Gordon
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North/South Carolina hardcore band EXCIDE have just announced the release of their long awaited debut LP, “Deliberate Revolver”, set for release on September 23rd for New Morality Zine. Pre-orders for the limited 1st press are up now! Click the pre-order link.

“Deliberate Revolver” is an apt title for EXCIDE’s full length. The band set out to write the follow-up to “Actualize/Radiation Reel ”, their last single in early 2020 in the midst of their own revolving ideas, members and locales. The band found themselves with 11 creative tracks clinging to their hardcore roots while expanding their sonic range to include sweeping vocals, phrasing guitar effects and tribal drums. As a result, EXCIDE have created an intentionally written record that sounds entirely their own. The announcement of the LP also features the release of the single track, "Flip". The song leads listeners in with an impassioned post-hardcore sound, both sonically and vocally, reminiscent of genre icons Quicksand and feverishly moves into more straight forward hardcore territory at breakneck speed.