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Midwestern self proclaimed "stoner emo" Nugaze band Cloakroom are gearing up to release their forthcoming LP titled 'Dissolution Wave' on January 28, 2022 via Relapse Records.

About the LP, Dissolution Wave is a space western in which an act of theoretical physics—the dissolution wave—wipes out all of humanity’s existing art and abstract thought. In order to keep the world spinning on its axis, songsmiths must fill the ether with their compositions. Meanwhile, the Spire and Ward of Song act as a filter for human imagination: Only the best material can pass through the filter and keep the world turning. 

This is the philosophical universe that Cloakroom guitarist/vocalist Doyle Martin conceived as a way of processing the last few years. “We lost a couple of close friends over the course of writing this record,” he says. “Dreaming up another world felt easier to digest than the real nitty-gritty we’re immersed in every day.” 

With lyrics based on an imagined cosmology, Dissolution Wave also marks a grand expansion of Cloakroom’s dynamic space-rock palette, which is strongly felt on the album’s airy and pastoral lead single, “A Force At Play”. Written from the perspective of the album’s protagonist—an asteroid miner who writes songs by night—“The miner is talking about ‘bottling lightning beams,’ which is a new take on the old music industry term ‘lightning in a bottle,’ which can pertain to a fire ass track or a good bottle of homemade booze,” Martin points out. “As you can imagine, bottling lightning is a pretty hard thing to do.”

FFO: Nothing, Hum, Narrowhead 

Dissolution Wave album artPurchaseJanuary 28th, 2022