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Portsmouth's Misgivings are gearing up to release their sophomore LP titled "Dream Neighbour", the follow up to their debut album "Hermitage" (Lockjaw Records, 2018) set to drop on May 25, 2021. Combining the hooks of The Menzingers, rasp of Husker Du and gut-wrenching power of Iron Chic or Polar Bear Club, Misgivings are a powerhouse of gruff and gritty melodic punk infused power pop with sing along hooks meant to be played loud. On their latest LP, Misgiving's finds themselves further expanding upon the quartet’s approach to classic British punk rock poured through an indie/power pop filter. The band’s sound is a love letter to the British influences on American indie rock classics such as Husker Du, Guided by Voices, Superchunk and Jawbreaker, while also drawing inspiration from the fine example set on the South Coast by bands such as The Stayawakes, Latchstring & Harker (and many more!). 

Powered by the prolific songwriting of bandleader Will Pearce, the band were in the final stages of tracking at Southsea Sound when lockdown restrictions halted the session. Subsequently, Pearce finished the album in his home studio, recording additional vocals and mixing the session, adding several elements from the original GarageBand demos of many of the songs as well as additional keys provided by drummer Rob Day, who receives a larger share of the songwriting credit this time around. On the decision to include elements of the original song demos in the full band mix, Will says, ‘Sometimes you get it right the first time. It’s a bit like keeping a reminder of theoriginal moment of inspiration of the song in the final version, but also have the sound of us being really loud in the room together.’

Check out the video for the single "Sober Forever" and stream the 4 previously released singles from the forthcoming LP below. You can also pre-order the album ahead of its release from the band's official bandcamp page at pre-order link above.

Dream Neighbour album artPurchaseMay 25th, 2021