$ERMONYoung and Heartless

Pennsylvania-based alternative / indie-rock act, Young & Heartless, have officially announced the release of their new third full-length album, $ERMON, due out May 29, 2020. Today, the band released a new single, “JAW$” off of the forthcoming album, availablenow across streaming services including Spotify, etc. It follows the release of the album’s title track” “$ERMON.”

On the 11-track album, the band shares, “$ERMON exists as a wave of thoughts and feelings drenched in nostalgia. Some songs describe a moment or place, others a place in time. Many songs are frustrated memoirs of being betrayed by relationships, failing long standing expectations, and exhausted sighs of sadness. It is Young and Heartless' last sermon to an empty chapel."

They continue to share about the new single, “‘JAW$’ is an existential nightmare. Counting up all of your successes and looking around to see everyone is exactly the same as you. No one is applauding, they are all looking past you to the next gratification, as quickly as possible. JAW$ is the scary moment when you stop looking forward and the dread of nothing sinks in.” 

Born out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s hardcore/pop-punk scene, the band’s blend of moody introspection and tense indie rock has drawn comparisons to acts like Brand New and Balance & Composure. After a few EPs, a few full-lengths, and a record deal with Hopeless Records, today in 2020, the band is composed of singer/guitarist Jeremy Henningerand guitarist Bryan Tricarico.

$ERMON album artPurchaseMay 29th, 2020