Every Moment of EverydayShort Fictions

Pittsburgh, PA 5th wave emo-revivalists Short Fictions will release their new LP titled "Every Moment of Every Day", their first new music since December 2019's Fates Worse Than Death, their sophomore LP that received highly positive reception in the circuits they run in. This also marks the band's first release on Lauren Records. The LP builds off of what primary Songwriter/Vocalist Sam Treber cemented on Fates Worse Than Death, a focus on socialist issues in his community, while also showcasing the faults of capitalism in the music industry. While the bands literary twist on indie rock and emo remains here, new territory is also explored, and tracks like 'Don't Start A Band' and 'Heather' demonstrate the bands continued knack for writing emotional, melodic, guitar driven rock songs with pop structure and and sing-alongs to get stuck in your head.

Every Moment of Everyday album artPurchaseJune 24th, 2022