From The Leaves Of Your GardenModern Color

Redondo Beach, California's melodic post-hardcore rockers Modern Color have announced the release of their forthcoming LP, titled "From The Leaves Of Your Garden" set to drop on July 10th, 2020 via Other People Records. For a sneak preview of their emo-tinged grunge meets melodic post-hardcore sound, stream the two new singles "Empty Rooms" and "Out of Reach" below. This album is shaping up to be one hell of a release, so don't sleep on this. 

From The Leaves Of Your Garden album artPurchaseJuly 10th, 2020


Jason Gordon

Modern Color Go Big On Forthcoming LP

April 26th, 2020

From the songs I've heard so far, this release is shaping up to be one of the albums I'm most excited about in 2020. Other People Records continue to sign amazing bands and put out outstanding albums (Gleemer's new one will also turn some heads), and Modern Color's upcoming LP should be no exception. Without losing the energy and heavy edge Modern Color is known for, the two latest singles from their forthcoming LP show them somewhat abandoning their earlier hardcore roots for more melody, sonic layers, bigger hooks, and exceptional production. A hybrid of emo-tinged grunge, with a 90s indie rock, post-hardcore, and shoegaze flare to it, and very well done. The produciton sounds much bigger than anything they've done before. I'm thinking that maybe Wil Yip had a hand in this based on how it sounds (and yes that's a compliment), but I haven't seen an official press release yet to confirm the details. Fans of Title Fight, Basement, Teenage Wrist, Citizen and Movements should enjoy this immensely. However, for the older dudes like me listening, fans of Hum, Quicksand, Catherine Wheel, Dinosaur Jr, Seaweed and other bands from the 90s underground scene might also find something to enjoy. Be sure to check this one out when it drops. More comments to come....