Here and NowGates

After five long years, gates return with "Here and Now", an expansive new EP out everywhere October 29 via Wax Bodega here. That time spent quiet was anything but; "Here and Now" is a reflection on trauma and healing, an ambient, post-rock masterpiece that reckons with the past while focusing firmly on the present.

The EP's first single, "Where To Begin," can be streamed below and is accompanied by a stunning video from director Tom Flynn.

In May 2018, Kevin had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his lung. While recovery went quickly, an equally frightening spectre loomed in its wake––depression. He wrote "Where To Begin" shortly after starting therapy.

“That time changed my entire life and my perspective on everything,” Dye says. “Coming out the other end of it, one of the things that I really realized was super important to me was making music with these guys. They’ve become my best friends over the course of us playing music. It was just something that I realized I couldn’t continue on without doing. I wanted to do it so badly.”

To make Here and Now, the band put aside external industry pressures and simply focused on writing and playing together. They’d gather on weekends, write, and book studio time to record the strongest tracks. The pandemic interrupted the process which was finally finished in March 2021.

A true collaborative effort amongst members, Dye mixed the record from his Nashville studio, while guitarist Dan King and bassist Mike Maroney created the ethereal album artwork for the EP. 

Here and Now album artPurchaseOctober 29th, 2021