Into the Ceiling

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October 21st, 2022


Oversize, an alternative rock band from Salisbury, UK are gearing up to release their sophomore EP titled "Into the Ceiling" on October 21, 2022 via Church Road Records and Quiet Panic. The EP will feature 4 new songs, including their latest single "Taste" which can be streamed below. Oversize draw inspiration from the sounds of the 90s, combining melodic shoegaze, grunge, emo, alternative rock, and Brit Pop that wouldn't be out of place with your Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr, Deftones, Catherine Wheel, Hum and My Vitriol records. Their new EP should be a big huge hit with fans of this newer crop of bands bringing the fuzzed out melodic sounds of the 90s back, bands like Narrow Head, Nothing, Teenage Wrist, Soul Blind, and many others.