Sky is AlrightSky Is Alright

Sky is Alright have announced their self titled debut LP due out June 25th, 2021 via Somewhere Cold Records. 

Sky is Alright began in 2018 when London-based Rishi Neal Arora (Signal Hill, WeSayYes) began writing a handful of songs as a way to escape the growing despair of the world around him. A batch of songs were fully written, however they were missing a percussive foundation. Arora's long-time high school friend, LA-based Chris Gregory, provided the drumming backbone the songs needed and the rest is history.

A hybrid of 90s inspired shoegaze, alternative rock, and emo, Sky is Alright's new songs draw inspiration from the earlier sounds of the Smashing Pumpkins, Hum, Slowdive, Dinosaur Jr, Mineral, and Catherine Wheel. Whispered breathy vocals over fuzzed out loud guitars and lush melodies, often through a shoegaze lens, the songs range from quiet to loud, slow to mid-tempo, while always incorporating dreamy melodies over rich soundscapes with some occassional pop hooks to go along with it. I highly encourage everyone check out the single Mistress Pessimist, for a preview of what to expect. The album can also be streamed in full over at The Big Takeover and be streamed on all digital platforms on June 25th.


Sky is Alright album artPurchaseJune 25th, 2021