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Polyvinyl Record Co. is excited to announce the forthcoming release of Owen’s The Avalanche, out June 19th. The new album is the latest entry in the long-running solo efforts of American Football’s Mike Kinsella, and with it, he delivers a set of Owen songs, recorded with producer Sean Carey (Bon Iver, Peter Gabriel) and engineer Zach Hanson (The Tallest Man On Earth, Waxahatchee), that are the most straightforward and unguarded the project has ever been.

Today Owen shares the first single “A New Muse”, a soaring song that plays the part of a confessional prayer of sorts, as Kinsella sings “Dear Lord / let me be anything but bored / or in love”, confronting the “double-edged word” that can foster creativity just as well as it upends a more serene if dull existence. “I need a new muse / If she sings for me I’ll sing for you” he reveals to his audience.

Mike Kinsella’s work over the years with his various musical endeavors has been nothing short of foundational, from early days with Cap’n Jazz right up until recently with American Football’s unforeseen and excellent second act. Even with his long list of contributions to course-setting bands, Kinsella never reveals more of his internal world than he does with the softly drawn songs of his long-running solo project Owen. 

The last Owen album, 2016’s The King of Whys showed up just a few months before American Football (LP2), the first new music in over 15 years from the recently reunited group. Kinsella took a relatively relaxed approach to his solo project in that time, playing rare occasional shows when American Football’s rigorous touring schedule allowed. After several busy years working within the collaborative framework of a band, Kinsella was more than ready for the complete creative control a new Owen record offered. He reunited with producer Sean Carey and engineer Zach Hanson and decamped to snow-covered Hive Studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, just far enough away from the routines and distractions of daily life to really focus on the process. The leaps forward in production and detail that first surfaced on The King of Whys advanced even further as The Avalanche came together. The collaborative chemistry Kinsella, Carey and Hanson share comes into its own on these songs. The odd time signatures and intricate structures of past Owen material are traded in for more fleshed out arrangements and direct songwriting. 

The Avalanche takes on a new refinement, with spacious musical landscapes making room for devastating lyrics that return to themes of an unravelling marriage and big endings. On previous albums, sarcasm and wry humor would dull the sting of heavier lyrics. Here there are still traces of Kinsella’s trademark humor, but instead of offering a winking dismissal of negative thoughts, it takes the songs to even darker places. Easily the most intense Owen album, The Avalanche is also the most beautifully crafted. Kinsella goes deeper than ever before, with self-reflection so painfully blunt it’s sometimes difficult to look at head on. It’s a guided walk through one of life’s more difficult chapters, resulting in nine of the best Owen songs ever penned and an album that’s as heartbreaking as it is magnificent.  

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Jason Gordon

Kinsella prepares to drop forthcoming Owen LP "The Avalanche"

May 7th, 2020

When I received an email this morning that Owen (the moniker of Mike Kinsella's solo project of almost 20 years) was releasing a new album next month with a new single available today, my ears perked up immediately. I've been a long time fan of everything Mike Kinsella, ranging from American Football, Cap n' Jazz and Owls, but his material with Owen has always had the greatest impact. Since the resurgance of American Football 4 years ago, Kinsella has already released 2 American Football LPs, both of which have been incrdible additions to his already impressive catalog of music. That in mind, I was wondering if and when he would return with new Owen material, but it's quite clear that this guy really doesn't take a break from writing music (and thank you for that!). If the new Owen single is any indication of this new LP, we are in for another real treat. Once again, Owen has brought us another emotional meloncholy gem, full of lush melodies, layered instrumentation, and sonic landscapes, true to form, and without sounding stale or rehashed. Just listen to the new single and you'll immediately get sucked in. Given we are all locked down in isolation right now during these extremely strange and unprecendented times, it's only fitting that Kinsella has returned with another album of meloncholy tales to get us through these trying times.