The Stars On Your Ceiling

Sleep In
The Stars On Your Ceiling

March 22nd, 2019


Nostalgic Throwback To Early 2000s Emo Pop Punk

Sleep In. return with their sophomore LP The Stars On Your Ceiling out Mach 22nd. My friend Mike from Earshot Media (great publicist and PR company) was kind enough to send an advance copy for my listening pleasure. 

First, I can confidently say this album does not dissappoint. Sleep In. have always had a knack for writing bouncy verses with soaring pop choruses, the kind that remind me of the type of releases Drive Thru Records was putting out in the early 2000s before the label crumbled, but with more precision and technical prowess. The band wastes no time as the album kicks in with Deena, a full on throw back to the emo/rock of The Early November, with an upbeat bounce and sing-along chorus. It’s no surprise Sleep In. are from New Jersey either. Throughout the record, you can hear the nostalgic east coast pop punk/emo of the early 2000s, and it’s clear they aren’t afraid to wear their influences. The 3rd track Honest Eyes is a standout that kicks right in with a guitar lead that propulses the song forward, an instant head-bobbing sing-along verse as it kicks in.... “Can’t say that I’m surprised, it ended this way honest eyes. See right past your web of lies.....” and a bridge full of layered strumming guitars with a stop/start stomp like structure, while the singer employs a rap like vocal style, not too different from what Adam Lazarra of Taking Back Sunday did on Tell All Your Friends. 

Throughout the record, I hear elements of The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, Early November and I’m reminded of what music sounded like before electronics, vocal effects, and over-production became the standard. The band is not afraid to slow it down adding sonic elements, twangy guitars and delay/reverb on songs like Splitting Clouds, while still delivering a huge chorus which is sure to be an instant classic at live shows. The 2nd half of the record is full of melodic songs that combine jangly clean guitars, mid tempo bouncy rhythms that lead into emotionally charged choruses that will be stuck in your head for days. Furthermore, Sleep In explore more angular indie rock like arrangements on this release, and masterfully fuse their subtle math rock attempts with classic early 2000s emo pop, while still sounding very straight forward and easy to listen to. For fans of early 2000s emo pop/punk and bands like The Early November, Starting Line, Get Up Kids, be sure to check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

By Jason Gordon
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Sleep In have a new album, The Stars On Your Ceiling, that will be released via Know Hope Records on March 22, 2019.