The World Is ScreamingIntervention

Jacksonville, Florida emo/pop-punk rockers Intervention will be self-releasing their long awaited debut full length album titled "The World Is Screaming" on August 5th, 2022. Intervention is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Drew Portalatin, who produced, tracked and mixed the new LP at Space Camp in Pine Studios in the historic Murray Hill neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida. This four-piece rock band is inspired by the nostalgia of the early 2000s, taking influences from the early Drive Thru Records era of emo and pop punk, along with other bands from that era like The All American Rejects, Armor for Sleep, Taking Back Sunday, and Cartel to name a few, as evident across the 10 infectious emo-punk anthems on their new LP. Not only should "The World Is Screaming" appeal to fans of all things early 2000s emo/pop punk, but it will also fit right alongside many of the newer wave emo revival/pop-punk bands, bringing back the sounds of high energy and guitar driven melodic emo/punk with anthemic pop hooks and sing-alongs! Fans of newer bands like Arm's Length, Glazed, and Sunsleeper, along with fans of more established bands like Real Friends, Free Throw, Knuckle Puck and the like, should all find something to love on the new LP by Intervention. Check out the first single titled "Target" from the forthcoming LP, and be sure to hit repeat as the chorus gets stuck in your head! Trust me, you'll be singing along to this in no time. 

The World Is Screaming album artPurchaseAugust 5th, 2022