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October 21st, 2022


There / They're / There, the Chicago, IL indie/emo/math rock band fronted by talented scene veteran Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It., Pet Symmetry, Couplet, Stay Ahead of the Weather, The Progress) have just announced their long-awaited debut LP titled “Their/ They’re/ Three” set for release on October 21, 2022 via Polyvinyl and Stormchasers LTD. Evan Weiss had this to say about the new LP..."I can say in my career there are few records in which I am more proud of than this one, which has been something on the docket since about 2014." Considering Evan Weiss has released some incredible records over his 15+ year career with several other projects, this LP should certainly be something special in his collection. Earlier this year, Their / They're / There dropped hints of new activity with their split EP with Pacemaker, which comes highly recommended, and the new single "Living Will or Living Well' taken from the forthcoming LP is an absolute ripper. The new single continues Weiss's knack for incorporating technical guitar parts, thick grooves and rhythmic changes, big melodies, and high energy emotive pop hooks in a cohesive song structure. If this single is an indication, this album is bound to be some of their heaviest and most interesting songwriting to date. Very excited to hear the rest of this and share some more thoughts and make sure you stream the new single below.

The press release had the following to say about the new LP:

2022 finds T/T/T reborn -- A new incredible drummer in Jared Karns (Djunah, Hidden Hospitals, Kiss Kiss), heavier, bigger, wiley-er. An album about expanding your mind, recognizing what no longer suits you and the long lasting pursuit of JOY. SCLTD has teamed up with Polyvinyl Records for this release and is excited to see where this next chapter of T/T/T goes. Only time will tell. Let’s all hope that it isn't another ten years of waiting.