Thirty NinePass Away

Pass Away may have started as a side project for members Mike Ireland (I Am the Avalanche), Eric Fairchild (Crime In Stereo), and John Nicholls but the band has grown into it's own skin with it's own mission statement. Thirty Nine is their sophomore album and Pass Away have successfully navigated away from any slump. Thirty Nine romanticizes Brooklyn in a way that only someone that lives there could capture. It's a moment between drags of a cigarette, stumbling home from a bar, the hangover the next morning, and doing it all over again tomorrow. Thirty Nine is for fans of Iron Chic, The Lawrence Arms, I Am the Avalanche and will be released on November 26th, 2021 via Suburbia Records. 

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Pass Away has been playing their own brand of punk music since 2013. What began as a side project from members of I Am The Avalanche and Crime In Stereo, Pass Away has grown into a focused songwriting team of like-minded driven friends. With soul-baring autobiographical lyrics and painfully honest accounts of life changing experiences, Pass Away continues to forge ahead with their truth.

FFO: I Am the Avalanche, Crime In Stereo, Iron Chic, The Menzingers

Thirty Nine album artPurchaseNovember 26th, 2021