You're Just In Time To Miss Everything

Early Internet
FeaturedYou're Just In Time To Miss Everything

October 29th, 2021


Early Internet will release "You're Just In Time to Miss Everything" on October 29, 2021.

You're Just In Time To Miss Everything is the debut album from Early Internet; the moniker for Austin turned LA turned Seattle-based dream-indie-pop artist, Dean Stafford, formerly of indie/emo band Pompeii.

As the title suggests, the album lends itself to feelings of missed windows of opportunity, whether it's through bad timing, aging, generational shortcomings, or misfortune in general. There are parallels drawn between the state of the world today and the isolation it has spawned - a longing for past places, events, and people.

Despite this, the songs don’t relish in melancholy. Rather, they exist in a bittersweet and melodic universe reminiscent of early aughts staples like Jimmy Eat World or Death Cab for Cutie; songs that might serve well as the backdrop for a coming of age film - only set in one’s 30s.

Regardless of its subject matter, Stafford maintains a conscious effort to arrive at his unanswered questions through a lens of cautious optimism.

The album is ultimately an acknowledgment of a need to accept one's circumstances as they are, while not allowing them to rob oneself of happiness. It's an affirmation to live in the present moment, where everything actually is.