Dimensional BleedHoly Fawn

Holy Fawn, the Phoenix-based band whose 2018 DIY release, Death Spells, earned the fledgling foursome widespread recognition from both colleagues and writers, return with the eagerly-awaited album, Dimensional Bleed (Sept. 9, Wax Bodega).

“We’re always going to be the same four humans making music,” explains singer/guitar player Ryan Osterman of the collection that they co-produced with Mike Watts (Dillinger Escape Plan, Glassjaw). “With every release, I feel like we’ve continued to learn how to best support each other both mentally and musically, which enables us to try new things. Personally, I think this record has truly allowed us to explore more creative avenues than we did with Death Spells.”

News of the 10-song album’s impending arrival is met with the release of a second single the album, the title track from the new LP. The group released the previously released single, and video for, “Death Is A Relief” in advance of their spring tour with Deafheaven.

“’Dimensional Bleed’ vaguely refers to a concept of multiple dimensions and timelines that could exist simultaneously,” adds guitar player Evan Phelps. “A lot of different media has alluded to this ideology, and I find the possibility of multiple dimensions intersecting and bleeding into others to be fascinating.” Both songs can be streamed below.

Dimensional Bleed album artPre-OrderSeptember 9th, 2022


Jason Gordon

Holy Fawn return with highly anticipated sophomore LP

July 15th, 2022

Holy Fawn have an incredibe talent for combining post-rock, shoegaze, doom and black metal into a cohesive and undeniably massive sound, that's both beautiful and crushingly heavy all at once. The songs have a range of dynamics, from loud to quiet, noisey to melodic, but always captivating. Death Spells demonstrated all of this very well, but the anticipation for the new LP "Dimensional Bleed" along with it's two new singles has expecations even higher. Eagerly awaiting the 10 song full length LP so I can share some more thoughts and first impressions leading up to the release. I am sure this will be a top contendor for album of the year and looking forward to seeing them on tour with the amazing Astronoid and at Riot Fest this September.