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For two decades, Andrew Martin served as the heart and soul of EmotionalPunk.com, a beloved sanctuary for emo and punk music aficionados worldwide. With a keen ear for the raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics characteristic of the genre, Andrew cultivated a thriving community of like-minded individuals who found solace and kinship in the music they loved.

However, as the years passed, Andrew’s musical horizons expanded beyond the confines of emo. He found himself drawn to the diverse tapestry of sounds and emotions woven throughout various genres. Fueled by his passion for discovering new music and sharing it with others, Andrew embarked on a journey of exploration and evolution.

Andrew found an invaluable collaborator in music aficionado Jason Gordon, a kindred spirit with an insatiable appetite for music exploration, and over 40 years of collecting and curating music and attending live shows. With a shared vision of creating a platform that transcended musical boundaries, Jason brought his unique perspective, broad taste and expertise to the table, complementing Andrew’s passion and drive.

In 2015, Andrew took a bold step forward, founding Release Wave with Jason Gordon, building a platform dedicated to celebrating music in all its forms. From indie rock to emo, 90s alternative to shoegaze,pop-punk to dream-pop, and post-punk to hardcore, Release Wave became a beacon of musical discovery, offering a space where listeners could immerse themselves in an eclectic array of sounds.

Andrew’s transition from EmotionalPunk.com to Release Wave symbolized more than just a change in musical focus; it represented a commitment to embracing the ever-changing landscape of music and championing its boundless creativity. With their diverse taste and unparalleled dedication and unwavering passion, Andrew and Jason continue to shape the musical landscape, guiding listeners on a journey of exploration and discovery that knows no bounds.

As co-founders, Andrew and Jason shared a deep-seated commitment to fostering a community united by their love of music. Together, they nurtured Release Wave into a vibrant ecosystem where listeners could connect, discover, and celebrate the endless possibilities of sound. Today, RELEASE WAVE is run by a small team of music enthusiasts who love hearing, writing and sharing about new music.

Together, they curate the best in upcoming new music releases in 90s alternative, shoegaze, pop punk, rock, hardcore, punk, emo, indie and more.

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