Extended Play Volume 1The Killingtons

Long Beach, CA's melodic emo/indie pop rock power house The Killingtons, who were active during the mid 90s to early 2000s (the brain child of James Killington), are back from a long hiatus with their first new material in 15 years, and a series of upcoming EPs scheduled to drop this fall. The first of the series titled "Extended Play Volume One" is expected to drop on September 4th. The new songs showcase a slightly new direction for The Killingtons, with more layers and atmospherics, more polish, and some dream pop leanings, while still maintaining their knack for infectious melodies and emotive vocal delivery. You can listen to the new single "Spirits" from the forthcoming EP below.

Dig into their back catalog if you've never heared these guys. In their time, they shared the stage with many national and diverse names such as At the Drive-In, Jimmy Eat World, No Knife, Knapsack, The Get Up Kids, New Found Glory, amongst the many. It was Boston based quartet American Hi-Fi, who stated at the time that the Killingtons were the loudest trio they have ever played with! Be sure to check these guys out, and be on the look out for their new EP in September.

Extended Play Volume 1 album artPurchaseSeptember 4th, 2020