Make It RealThe Brother Kite

Providence, RI's melodic alternative / indie rock meets shoegaze pop The Brother Kite return with a surprise announcement of their 5th LP titled "Make It Real" scheduled for release on all digital platforms August 14, 2020. The album was recorded at The Overpass by Jon Downs and will be released on their own Light Fighter Records. The photogrpaher for the cover art is DJ Potter. For now, you can watch a live quarantined version of the closing track on the LP called "Dream To Me" below.

Make It Real album artPurchaseAugust 14th, 2020


Jason Gordon

The Brother Kite return with surprise 5th LP titled "Make It Real"

August 10th, 2020

Surprise album announcements seem to be a theme lately. First, HUM dropped their 1st new album in 22 years back in June with no announcement whatsoever. Taylor Swift did the same in July. And now, although not as widely known, we have The Brother Kite's new album release with a week's notice and zero updates leading up to this. 

When I saw the surprise announcement that The Brother Kite would be dropping its 5th LP Friday August 14th, I was overcome with excitement. I was starting to wonder if we'd even see another record from this highly underrated band. After all, it's been 7 years since the band dropped their 4th and most straight forward LP, "Model Rocket" (which is a fantastic album of melodic indie pop / alternative rock and roll well worth your time). The Brother Kite have always had a way of uniquely combining hook laiden densely layered guitar melodies, pop hooks, with beautiful layers of noise, into sing along anthems. The production is always pristine and their influences seem to range from bands like Ride, Dinosaur Jr, and Chapterhouse to Superdrag, Nada Surf, and Guided by Voices, with hints of the Beach Boys and Beatles thrown in. That sort of crossroad between 90s sounding melodic jangly indie rock, big pop hooks, and shoegaze/dream pop. Not to mention singer Patrick Boutwell’s Brian Wilson-esque-inspired vocals and the layered harmnoies used throughout their songs have a way of drawing you in. Check out their albums "Waiting for the Time to be Right" and "Isolation" as a warm up before the new album drops Friday. I know I can't wait to dig into "Make it Real" and post some thoughts about it after I give it a few spins. If I know these guys, it will not disappoint. You can also hear a live quarantined version of the new song "Dream To Me" in the video above, which if its any indication, I can only imagine what the studio version sounds like!