ProblemsThe Get Up Kids

Last year, ’90s golden era emo heroes the Get Up Kids returned with the Kicker EP, their first new music in seven years. And today, they’ve announced a new album called Problems, their first full-length since 2011’s There Are Rules. They recorded the LP with the Grammy Award-winning Kurt Vile/the National producer Peter Katis, and today, they’re sharing a music video for its anthemic lead single “Satellite.”

Problems album artMay 15th, 2019


Jason Gordon

Skeptical but definitely intrigued....

March 26th, 2019

As a big fan of the Get Up Kids in the mid 90s, the band has never truly been able to re-capture the energy, rawness or sing along anthems of their earlier records, specifically Something to Write Home About and Four Minute Mile, which were all time favorites. Although I have come to like some of their mid and later period discography (Guilt Show and On A Wire) which were a huge departure from their emo/punk roots, I wasn't too keen on their last album There Are Rules. The new single, however, has the energy and instant accessibility I recall from some of their earlier material (especially when the chorus hits), so I'm certainly interested to see how this full length plays out. Will definitely check it out when it drops and glad to see these boys are still rockin!

Andrew Martin

Excited, but not over the top

March 20th, 2019

I'm personally really excited for this record, as they've seemingly done well with their follow-ups. I still think their best was "Something to Write Home About," but "Guilt Show" is really a close second. Either way, pumped on these guys still doing it.