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Brighton, UK's math-rock/post-hardcore meets indie/alt-pop rockers Delta Sleep have announced their new full-length album titled 'Spring Island' set for release on September 10, 2021. Written during the summer of 2020 between Brighton, Oxford and the rolling hills of Devon/Dorset, 'Spring Island' is the third proper full length album of new material to be released by Delta Sleep , who will be self-releasing the album via their own brand new label Sofa Boy Records. The previously released singles "The Detail", "View to A Fill", and newly released "Old Soul" taken from the forthcoming LP can be streamed below. With the new singles, the band continues to push towards an even more accessible sound, without losing the techincal aspects of their earlier work. I thought it would be hard to top Ghost City, but if the new singles are any indication of what's in store, we may be in for Delta Sleep's best album yet. For those needing to fill the void that Minus The Bear left when they called it quits, these new Delta Sleep songs should certainly do the trick and are the perfect soundtrack to late summer early fall. Don't sleep on this release (pun intended) and do yourself a favor and click the pre-order link to pre-order the new LP.

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Jason Gordon

UK Math-Pop band Delta Sleep return with 3rd LP "Spring Island" this fall...

July 27th, 2021

Combining the best elements of math rock, emo, indie-pop and alternative rock, Delta Sleep are sure to turn heads with their new LP "Spring Island" if the new singles are any indication of what's in store. This band continues to push their sound forward, adding more melody, accessibility and bigger hooks, without losing the technical aspects of their earlier work. At times they sound like a hybrid of Minus the Bear meets the lesser known Park or Into It Over It, the sort of math-rock and emo-core hybrid sound that I loved 15 plus years ago and still love today. The new material is sure to please fans old and new, and while they still fit right in wtih bands like TTNG and Tera Melos, I also hear 90s midwestern US emo/indie influence in bands like Braid, Park, American Football and the likes. Not a bad combo if you ask me.