StewA Will Away

A Will Away are proud to announce the forthcoming new album Stew, due out February 18th on Rude Records. Today, the band shares the brand new single and music video “Karma”, filmed at a high school not far from where the band members grew up in Connecticut. According to director Brent Campanelli, “‘Karma’ is a cinematic coming of age film, sonically driven by a timeless anthem, where the viewer sees through the eyes of both student and teacher, as they're taught life's coldest lesson.” That lesson, according to A Will Away, is the relatable truth that “sometimes karma comes from out of nowhere and kicks you in the ass.” Sonically, the song lightens the mood with full on anthemic Rock n’ Roll energy, replete with epic guitar solos and harmonic vocals powerful enough to knock listeners out of whatever rut they might be in.

“Karma” is the latest song to be released from A Will Away’s new album Stew. Joining earlier pre-album announcement singles “Spittin' Chiclets” and “Re-Up”. As with past efforts, Stew continues A Will Away’s practice of including carefully constructed connecting narratives throughout their entire body of releases, using contextual clues and lyrical devices that the band call “breadcrumbs”. Whether through the use of tone, lyrics, artwork themes, or song ordering; these “breadcrumbs” aim to envelop the listener in a sense of familiarity. In tandem, Stew attempts to assert that the sum of all human interactions and experiences, no matter how trivial, often prove pivotal and interwoven once given enough time to marinate together. Presented as a disjointed stream-of-consciousness with dozens of interconnected points, the record asks the listener to reflect and think critically about who they are, and why they are.

Stew album artPurchaseFebruary 18th, 2022