June 3rd, 2022


Portland, OR bedroom project of multi-instrumentalist Cliff Barnes operates under the name Animal Ghosts, bringing fuzzy and haunted sounding shoegaze/dream-pop with his forthcoming LP titled "Wallow", set for release on June 3rd, 2022. Capturing the sounds of 90s melonchoic shoegaze/dream-pop with walls of hazy distorted guitars and rich melodies, Animal Ghosts continue to write songs that are both catchy, noisey and beautiful all at once. Check out the new single below titled "Stellar" from the forthcoming LP, another fine addition to Animal Ghosts already impressive discography. Looking forward to hearing the rest of this LP in its entirety. Fans of 90s originals like My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver and Ride should find something to love about Animal Ghosts along with fans of shoegaze revival (aka nugaze) bands like Nothing, Blush Response, Kraus, Trauma Ray, Glare and many others.