At Some Point You Stop

FeaturedAt Some Point You Stop

July 29th, 2022


Phony, the creative indie/emo/gaze bedroom pop project of Neil Berthier, formerly of Donovan Wolfington and current touring guitarist in Joyce Manor, is gearing up to release his upcomign full length titled "At Some Point You Stop" via his own label, Phony Industries on July 29th, 2022. 

About Phony and the upcoming release:

A lot has changed for Neil Berthier since he put out his last record as PHONY in 2020. After losing his father to dementia, moving from Boston to Los Angeles, joining Joyce Manor as an auxiliary guitarist/backing vocalist, and acclimating to the synergy of the zen-yet-rowdy Southern California lifestyle, things were simultaneously devastating and thrilling as he worked on the songs that would become his third solo album, AT SOME POINT YOU STOP. The stark contrast of these monumental life changes prompted Berthier to dig deeper than ever in his music, creating his most vulnerable and compelling work to date. “It’s called PHONY as an oxymoron. I want this to be the most personal, wearing my heart on my sleeve shit that I can possibly come up with,” he says.

Check out the single "Summer's Cold" below and be sure to click the pre-order link. More on this album in the coming weeks.