I'd Say I'm Not Fine

Take This To Heart Records are stoked to announce Milwaukee indie/emo band Barely Civil’s new LP “I’d Say I’m Not Fine” w/ their brand new single “Better Now” which can be streamed below along with the single "Coasting, Mostly". The album drops March 22nd and was produced by the lovely Chris Teti (The World Is…, Fiddlehead, Anxious). "I'd Say I'm Not Fine is an amalgamation of the rage, pain, and self-framing that came in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Bitter at times, hopeful and direct in others, this album is a conscious attempt to answer the questions presented in the band's debut and sophomore installments.”- Connor Erickson (Vocals/Guitar). Check out the new singles below for some really great melodic emo/indie revival pop punk anthems.