Bayside just announced their eighth studio full length LP, Interrobang, out October 4th, 2019 via Hopeless Records. The new album, produced by Cameron Webb (Alkaline Trio, Silverstein, Over It), has been described as a total shock-and-awe of riff-heavy rock tunes, including the just released official video for the title track "Interrobang" which can be viewed below. You can also stream the previously released single and 2nd track "Prayers" from the upcoming LP below.

Said about the forthcoming LP, Interrobang is a punctuation mark that combines an exclamation and a question mark. For Anthony Raneri, the band's frontman/lead vocals/guitar, the title represents the feelings the album invokes from the listener. "We wanted the record to feel exciting and new, but also sound like a natural progression for the band," Raneri explains, "We just wanted to keep the listener on their toes - there is a ton of information being thrown out - and if you want to take it all in - you can't stop paying attention for a second." The result is the heaviest rock album of the band's career juxtaposed with the most catchy, melodic hooks the band has ever created.

With Interrobang, the band has put together an eclectic, inspiring, and bold collection of songs. Raneri shares, "Love it or hate it, we wanted the record to invoke something in people. We said with this record we either wanted to create something great or fall on our faces. Negative or positive, we just didn't want the record to be 'fine.'"