Nothing Moves Me

Denver-based Broken Record is eagerly preparing to unveil their second full-length album on August 22nd, courtesy of Really Rad Records. With their new single "Blueprinting" available on all major platforms today, the band showcases their distinctive fusion of sticky, post-punk bass grooves, earworm guitar licks, and soaring, fuzzed-out choruses. Drawing comparisons to acts such as Sunny Day Real Estate and The Promise Ring, Broken Record is primed to captivate oldheads and newcomers alike. On Nothing Moves Me—their second LP and Really Rad Records debut—Broken Record delivers a lovingly crafted ode to the music that inspired them while carving out a space that defies easy categorization. Shimmering, chorus-drenched leads simultaneously evoke both the post-emo alt-rock of Turnover and Title Fight and the 80s post-punk groups that served as those bands’ muses. Gigantic, fuzzy choruses bring to mind the most triumphant singalongs of 90s indie rock. Soaring vocals and tasteful theatricality demonstrate an unabashed affinity for radio-ready emo acts of the early 2000s like Bayside and Taking Back Sunday. The result is a record that is far beyond the sum of its parts, delicately balancing each element in perfect harmony. Whether it’s in the bending, shoegaze-informed riffs or the propulsive, power-pop refrains, Nothing Moves Me deftly maneuvers the razor-thin tightrope between experimentation and cohesion. The comfort of the familiar is an ever-tempting proposition, while the excitement of the novel is an alluring prospect in its own right. With Nothing Moves Me, Broken Record ask simply, “Why not both?”