Say Less

Revelation Records and newest signing Calling Hours are excited to announce the Friday, November 10 release of "Say Less", the debut showcase from the east coast punk/rock band featuring veteran vocalist Popeye Vogelsang (Farside) and members of Don’t Sleep. An outcome of various collaborations, Say Less revisits the band members’ melodic punk sensibilities while working in a decidedly contemporary direction. Produced by the legendary Brian McTernan (Turnstile, Hot Water Music, Thrice), Say Less is also a deep dive into the feelings of displacement and discomfort that punctuated Popeye’s move from California to Pennsylvania a few years back—a meditation on the intersection of sense of place and sense of self.

Accompanying the announcement is the windows-down, heartland punk of “Curtain Call,” an obvious single choice to lead the album because it begins with Popeye’s unmistakable vocals being heard front and center. “It’s an instant reminder to Popeye’s fans from his days singing in Farside that his voice is simultaneously uplifting and heavy, soulful and gritty, and powerful and vulnerable,” bassist Garrett Rothman said. “For many of his fans, hearing his voice on ‘Curtain Call’ will be like running into an old friend you haven’t seen in years – all the good feelings from the past will immediately come rushing back to you.” Watch the music video for “Curtain Call” below and click the pre-order link for various merch and bundle options.

Reviews of Say Less on Release Wave

Calling Hours featuring members of Farside and Don't Sleep ready debut album for Rev

Calling Hours, a new melodic punk band featuring veterans from hardcore greats Farside and Don't Sleep have just announced their new album for Revelation Records called "Say Less" along with the new single 'Curtain Call' from the forthcoming LP. For someone who's been a fan of Farside since the 90s and a fan of Don't Sleep as well, I was eager to hear what this collaboration would sound like, and thankfully, it's pretty much what I was hoping for. First of all, Popeye Vogelsang of Farside is on vocal duty and he still sounds just as good as he did 25+ years ago. The song is melodic and catchy in the same way Farside was, with chunky guitar chords and Popeye's crisp vocals and solid back up harmonies, a throwback to the melodic pop punk that came out of the 90s, while still sounding current all at once. Definitely excited to hear the rest of these songs, and my guess is this will be full of ear worms. The full press release can be read below, along with the video for the latest single and pre-order to the for new album.

Jason Gordon on Wednesday, September 27, 2023