Calling The Dogs

Renowned alternative rock band Citizen has just announced their fifth full length LP, "Calling the Dogs" set for release on October 6, 2023 via Run for Cover Records. The band has also returned with a new single, "If You're Lonely,” taken from the forthcoming LP. The accompanying video for “If You’re Lonely” can he streamed below, and is captured through a nostalgic lens as it finds the band playing out of their garage while the suburban chaos of neighborhood politics ensues around them. With introspective lyrics and a heartfelt melody, the track delves into the personal experiences of lead singer Mat Kerekes who drew inspiration from a challenging upbringing and his own journey of self-discovery.

Reflecting on the song's emotional depth, Kerekes shares, “I grew up around a narcissistic parent and absorbed a lot of that behavior over time, negatively affecting people close to me. If You’re Lonely is about recognizing that, growing from it, and becoming a reliable shoulder to lean on.”

"If You're Lonely" serves as a compelling introduction to Citizen’s new era. It’s a remarkable testament to Citizen's ability to reinvent themselves with every album. The forthcoming LP is the band’s most poignant body of work yet, as the record approaches themes of self-reflection, personal growth, and resilience. On Calling The Dogs, the band exemplifies that passionate songwriting and styling while stripping back to what they do best: guitar-driven rock ‘n roll.