Bend Into A Blur

North Carolina based shoegaze band Clearbody have announced their upcoming EP titled "Bend Into a Blur", set for release on June 16, 2023 and highlighted by new lead single 'New Essence' which can be streamed below. The single showcases Clearbody's thick new skin, a powerful display of clever songwriting and a more honed-in delivery of the sound that they brought us on their debut album. The single is short and to the point, full of melody, thick shoegaze guitar tones, big production and an instant hook.

On their new EP Bend Into a Blur, Clearbody leans further into the 90's Grunge Revival, piggybacking off of bands like Cloakroom, Superheaven, and Narrowhead. The 5 Song EP was recorded in the summer of 2022 with Jon Markson (Drug Church, I Am The Avalanche, One Step Closer) and mastered by Will Yip, and will be self released. The EP will serve as the follow up to their debut 8-song mini-LP "One More Day" which was released in 2020.