Closing In

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November 28th, 2023


Austin, TX alternative rockers Ritual will release their debut EP titled "Closing In" on November 28, 2023 via Sunday Drive Records. Closing In on the causes of pain, coming close to progression, and getting caught in the endless cycle is a shared experience many humans go through—there tends to be a balance of suffering and pleasure from day to day. Austin, Texas alternative band, Ritual portrays this experience best on their debut EP, “Closing In”. Delivered with heavy riffs, melancholy/angsty vocals, and backed with huge drums and bass, Ritual crafts these deeply emotional songs that contrast with the urge to jump or headbang. Inspired by 90’s alternative rock bands like Helmet, Hum, or Smashing Pumpkins, Ritual delivers hook after hook, in a youthful and contemporary manner—from songwriters who have a love of 90s alternative rock and grunge, but also have grown up attending modern hardcore, or metalcore and shoegaze shows. On “Closing In”, Ritual displays some sort of beauty of being caught in the middle of struggle and the yearning for progression. Check out the single "Wave Goodbye" below taken from the forthcoming EP.

RIYL: Narrow Head, Soul Blind, Superheaven