Go Let It In

Legendary independent rock label Equal Vision Records and Codeseven are excited to announce the Friday, December 1 release of Go Let It In, the influential ‘90s/‘00s North Carolina-based melodic hardcore band’s first album in 20 years. A soaring 10-song showcase well worth the wait, Go Let It In addresses the universal emotions all humans experience via catchy reflections on falling in and out of love along with hard-hitting tracks aimed at destroying your enemy. Thematically, the band also seeks to find justice in an unjust world on the album, embracing cultural change through the lens of compassion and confronting one’s own anti-social tendencies … and a fear of bugs.

Leading the collection is “Hold Tight,” a graceful, towering track that details the timeless experience of two young lovers going to a dance party and their desire to have the night go on forever. “No light, no shadows, just this, what matters, this kiss that shatters” refers to the magic of the evening being broken by a last kiss goodnight, before parting ways. Watch the music video for “Hold Tight” below.

Go Let It In was created with this classic DIY spirit that the members of Codeseven — Jeff Jenkins (vocals), James Tuttle (Guitar, Keys), Eric Weyer (Guitar), Jon Tuttle (Bass) and Matt Tuttle (Drums) — exercised fully by tracking all instruments in their respective homes and enjoying the freedom to record at their own pace. With the help of Jeremy Griffith, who was enlisted to co-produce and mix the album, the result is a massive set of songs that find the band aiming to successfully outdo itself.

With this new record, we tackled what we considered the ultimate challenge: to write and record a full length that sounds as good, if not better, than the last record,” the band summarizes. “Following a 20-year hiatus, this felt like it could be impossible. It’s hard to beat time and nostalgia but we certainly wanted to try. And yes, we think we did.”