Coming Down

Jail Socks
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August 27th, 2021


Revitalizing, refreshing pop punk with a familiar sound

From the second “Coming Down” kicks in, one is teleported back to a familiar time. It’s the mid early 2000’s, and pop punk is at its finest. Emotional, passionate, and raw, the drums are energetic and full. The vocals are right in front, unafraid; to call it catchy is an understatement. 

But Jail Socks do us one more with their debut. The (crazily, only 3) players in this band really take things to a next level with their technical prowess. The songs are well-crafted; predictable in the best way. Passionate verses lend themselves to explosive choruses, and right when you want to hear it, there’s a bridge that rings with emotion. Explosive guitar riffs are backed up by tight, speedy drumming and carefully imagined progressions. 

“Coming Down” might be an album you find familiar, and naysayers might call it derivative; I call it the best pop punk album I’ve heard in years. If you’re old enough, recall the early Lobster Records days when bands like Staring Back, Over It, and A Small Victory were doing their thing, but with the modern production and a more refined, polished sense of experience to back it up. There’s not a song I skip on this record, and I doubt you will either.

By Andrew Martin
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Charlotte, North Carolina's emo-rock trio Jail Socks are gearing up to release their debut full length titled "Coming Down" on August 27, 2021 via CI Records. The album was tracked with Brett Romnes (I Am The Avalanche, Hot Mulligan, Heart Attack Man) in New Jersey at Barbershop Studios, and features 11 new songs of melodic guitar fueled anthemic emo-rock / pop punk that fans of bands like Hot Mulligan, Charmer, and Free Throw will be sure to love. Pre-orders and upcoming single to be annouced later this summer.