There's a Place I Can Rest

Oklahoma's CURSETHEKNIFE has just announced their sophomore LP titled "There's A Place I Can Rest" set for release on September 9, 2023 via New Morality Zine. Since the release of their debut LP "Thank You For Being Here" the band has spent time honing their craft and expanding their vision of their sound. With countless hours of home recording and practicing, the band set out to finalize their new 9 track LP aptly titled “There’s A Place I Can Rest”. The record was written and recorded at a time when the band was individually grappling with the state of the world and identifying how they could use the writing process as a way of coping with it. They found peace at home in writing these songs; however, did not comfortably rely on the success they saw on “Thank You For Being Here”. Instead, the band continued to be very intentional about their songwriting and sprinkled in influences that set them on a path of sound variation. The band recognized that there was an open opportunity to grow sonically and took it. As a result, “There’s A Place I Can Rest” has the hallmarks of cursetheknife’s sound while broadening it with the inclusion of different instruments, electric sounds, acoustic guitars and varied vocal melodies. This piece of art is sure to set the band on a broader path allowing them to grow as musicians alongside their audience.

Stream the first two singles 'The Gift' and 'Parasite' below for a taste of what's yet to come.

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Cursetheknife drop final single from forthcoming LP

Cursetheknife has just released their final single 'Big Ole House' from their forthcoming LP due September 8, 2023 on NMZ. The track is a departure from the last two singles released and showcases the band leaning into their their alternative side with the inclusion of electronic elements that made the band stand out amongst the crowd on their first LP. Be on the lookout for more on this LP which showcases a new side to Cursetheknife, with the band expanding their sound into new territory.

Jason Gordon on Wednesday, August 16, 2023