Forever Sometimes

On September 16, Los Angeles-based band Dear Boy will release their highly anticipated full-length album Forever Sometimes on Last Gang Records. The release is Dear Boy’s first collaboration with the legendary label. Produced by the band and mixed by Tony Hoffer (Air, Phoenix, M83), the record also features contributions from Day Wave, Hazel English, Rogue Wave, AFI & Ian Hultquist of Passion Pit.

Dear Boy is the torch bearer of lyric-forward guitar music and melody focused indie rock. The band has become an important voice in the LA underground music scene, crafting bittersweet songs inspired by late '70s / early '80s post-punk and early '90s britpop, seen through their unique modern lens.

You can check out the title track "Forever Sometimes" along with the previously released album tracks "Wet Clothes," "Say When" and "(On My Mind) below.

"This album and honestly, the band itself, is a study in 'goodbyes,'" say Ben Grey.

 Life after death, love after life, life after love, the paradox of closeness, the complexity of what it means to leave something or someone behind, when do you say goodbye? These are some of the ideas that Dear Boy has been exploring since their first days as a band…And in that way, Forever Sometimes is as close to a concept album as a non-concept album gets. 

 "A lot of this record is about our shared time on Earth and the idea that for so many of us, love is truly the hereafter we’re looking for," says Grey. He adds, "The night sky isn't any one person's territory. There are answers up there for everybody."

 The album is also meant to feel like a full life lived. From the non-denominational "Evensong" to "Unbecoming" to "Marrying For Love" to "Die" to "Heaven Moves." Forever Sometimes is a full circle emotional journey and a microcosm of the human experience. The first and last song on the album share the same ethereal voice which we employed to be a call to the listener… asking you to live this life again. 

Reviews of Forever Sometimes on Release Wave

LA's Dear Boy are finally releasing their debut LP...

LA's Dear Boy are a band I've been following for awhile now, since the release of their previous EP's and singles from the past several years. They have finally returned with their first proper full length, and based on the singles, we are in for more of their melodic and hook-filled 80s inspired post-punk/new wave and 90s dream pop/brit-pop sound, as evident by the title track and latest single "Forever Sometimes". The fact that the new album also features contributions from Day Wave, Hazel English, Rogue Wave, AFI & Ian Hultquist of Passion Pit, certainly adds to the anticipation around this release. If you're a fan of Day Wave and the work that Jackson Phillip has done with the many other bands he has collaborated with, you will definitely enjoy what's coming from Dear Boy. I've already heard 4 songs from the forthcoming LP (all can be streamed above), but I certainly look forward to now hearing them in proper sequence with the remaining 9 songs on the LP. This should make for a great fall soundtrack. More on this release soon.

Jason Gordon on Saturday, July 30, 2022