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Disheveled Cuss, the Los Angles based, Nick Reinhart helmed band, has announced their debut self titled LP out May 8th via Sargent House. A 90's-inspired pop/rock album a la the Pixes, Teenage Fanclub, early Weezer, etc...

Disheveled Cuss is a sonic departure from the technical and ambient music Reinhart has made a career out of as the front man in cult favorites Tera Melos'. "Playing music like this is satisfying in a very different way than what I'm used to," Nick explains. "It's a rock band playing 'normal' songs and in many ways, that's the least normal thing I've done." Paired with the disparate tastes that lead him to work with Death Grips, Bygones, Best Coast, Portugal. The Man, and more, Disheveled Cuss represents a paradoxical and innovative approach to Nick's own song writing, yielding a verse-chorus-verse nostalgia.

The approach serves as a reminder of the cathartic release experienced when witnessing the full arc of a great, finely honed and relatable album. It seems fitting, then, that the most relatable of topics - love attraction, obsession and on the new single "Nu Complication", the awkward realization of being replaced - plays a central role on Disheveled Cuss. Brokenhearted, perhaps, Nick has crafted a work of poignant exuberance, a melancholy rock classic masquerading as an artifact from his youth.

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Jason Gordon

Disheveled Cuss channel 90s indie / alt rock with new release

March 26th, 2020

I've been a huge fan of Tera Melos for quite some time, so when I heard that frontman Nick Reinhart had a new project, I was naturally excited to check it out. Although Disheveled Cuss is a big departure from the more technical, unconventional and sonically layered sounds of Tera Melos, there is something undeniably catchy about this more straight forward approach to his song-writing. These new songs clearly captures some of the great fuzzed out indie rock / alt rock sounds of many of my favorites from the 90s. Nick has a knack for good songwriting, whether it be sonic and ambient, or straight forward conventional rock structure with melody, so I have high expectations for this release. Greatly looking forward to hearing how this album shapes up as a whole! Definitely something different from his previous work. More to come...