Actually, the quiet is nice

Los Angeles shoegazers Draag have announced their highly anticipated new EP titled "Actually, the quiet is nice" and shared lead single “Orb weaver,” a potent dose of nostalgia where warped guitars and dense textures provide a backdrop for Jessica Huang & Adrian Acosta’s interlocking vocal harmonies. The official video for the new single can be streamed below.

"Actually, the quiet is nice" follows the Los Angeles bands critically acclaimed 2023 debut Dark Fire Heresy, and marks their first release on the Philadelphia label Julia’s War, run by like minded purveyors of forward-thinking shoegaze They Are Gutting A Body Of Water. The EP is due out May 17th ahead of a run of tour dates supporting Wednesday. Regarding inspiration for the new single orb weaver, Acosta shares “Jess and I go on night walks in our neighborhood often, probably because there’s no one around and we are obsessed with the eerie nostalgic quality of empty neighborhoods. One summer, it was very hard to walk without running into a big orb weaver web. I have a severe fear of spiders. I used the night walks as a form of therapy but it got me in a fearful state instead and dwelling on dark thoughts.”