May 24th, 2019


Everything in Waves is everything I love about music.....

Everything in Waves debut LP Echoes caught be by surprise. I had never heard of them and had no idea what to expect. My friends at Deep Elm sent me a promo of this outstanding debut and I was blown away with how good it was. Rich layers of multi-instrumentation, haunting melodies, big hooks, beautiful ambience, with a mix of tempos and emotion throughout, this is both a great album to listen to with headphones on a dark summer night, but also an album you can rock to in your car on a breezy spring day! I'm getting hints of Bon Iver (the more accessible and melodic side), Appleseed Cast, Minus the Bear, Postal Service / Death Cab, Pedro the Lion, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, and even Peter Gabriel. Really cool beats throughout the album, great basslines and layered guitars, beautiful backing piano on some tracks, and stellar vocal melodies. Very memorable and addictive. Also hearing elements of the more upbeat/ rock/ jangly/ meloncholic side of artists like Matt Pond PA and Owen/American Football. Definitely check this album out when it drops. I could even see fans of bands like Moving Mountains and Gates digging this, even though it's still very different from that.

By Jason Gordon
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Everything In Waves will release their debut LP "Echoes" on May 24th, 2019 via Deep Elm Records. On the full-length debut Echoes, New York-based Everything In Waves delivers an addictive and truly poetic union of emotional and electronic elements we've dubbed 'emotronic'. Luscious layers, memorable hooks and smart lyrics come together effortlessly to craft an album that is truly inspiring. An impressive and unquestionably stellar album with a deeply rooted organic feel, you will find yourself listening straight through the track list over and over again as these songs connect and reverberate in your subconscious. It just never goes stale, which one of the real beauties of this album. For Fans of Bon Iver, Postal Service, Minus the Bear, Matt Pond PA. The new single "Vines" can be streamed on their Spotify.