Germany's shoegaze pop meets 90s melodic indie/emo and groove-laiden post-hardcore rockers Entropy are gearing up to release their debut LP titled "Liminal" on August 21, 2020. 

As the press release states "ENTROPY initially started out as a bedroom project but soon developed into a full-fledged band devoted to fusing heavier post-hardcore sounds and indie and shoegaze elements. Think HÜSKER DÜ, HELMET meets NOTHING meets TORCHE. There’s a distinct 90s vibe here, sure, but ENTROPY doesn’t just want to conjure up the past – their energy and drive propels them into the present and keeps their feet firmly planted in the here and now. The band features former and current members of THE NOW-DENIAL, NIGHT SLUG, HILLSIDE and EA80." 

Check out the first two singles "The Enemy Doesn't Sleep" and "Northern Line" from the forthcoming LP below. You can also read some initial impressions about the new LP below.

Reviews of Liminal on Release Wave

Germany's Entropy prepare to release one of the better albums of 2020!

If the press release above doesn't get you excited, take my word for it, and do not sleep on this record. From an initial spin of the album, Entropy masterfully combine elements of 90s melodic shoegaze, 90s emo/indie and post hardcore, with some post-grunge/noise rock to create an album that has a range of tempos and melodies, and big memorable hooks to go along with it. If Bob Mould (or Sugar) combined the heaviness and rawness of bands like Helmet and Quicksand, while incorporating the shoegaze elements of Swervedriver and Hum (or more current bands like Nothing), while throwing in a little Torche, well, you get the point. Entropy manages to combine these genres into a cohesive sound, and they do it better than many of the bands that have been trying to pull this off for the last decade. On their debut LP, Entropy sound authentic and current, without sounding forced, all while paying homage to their roots without sounding like an imitation. Huge swirling guitars, big layered melodies, thick grooves, quiet to loud dynamics, emotive vocals, and big hooks, what's there not to like? Between the new HUM record that dropped, the forthcoming Narrow Head LP set to drop later this month, and Entropy's debut album forthcoming, you'll have all the beautiful noise you need for the foreseebale future. Make sure you don't sleep on Entropy's "Liminal" when it drops on August 21st.

Jason Gordon on Saturday, August 1, 2020