God Looks Out For Fools

Long Beach, New York indie meets alternative rock band Family Dinner have announced their debut album God Looks Out For Fools set for release August 16th, 2024 on Other People Records (home to Modern Color, Soul Blind, Gleemer, Soft Blue Shimmer). The twelve tracks on the album cover a range of emotions, channeling sounds from punchy to somber, lyrics on love, loss, death, empowerment, and mischief. The album was recorded over a year at Barbershop Studios in NJ with Brett Romnes and Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche) at the producer helm. Having teased last year with singles “Morning Haze” and “Revenge Dress,” the band now share the latest single “Helianthus.” The song takes on a dream-like state, brimming with guitars and vocals that switch from a softer approach to being sung directly through a megaphone. The song’s lyrics have a somber and inspirational story that encompass the accompanying music video, as vocalist Natalie O’Keeffe shares: “While we were in the studio, Ukraine was under attack and a story came out about an old woman who confronted Russian soldiers and gave them sunflower seeds. In the video of the interaction, she said ‘You’re occupants, you’re fascists, what the fuck are you doing on our land with all these guns? Take these seeds and put them in your pockets so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here.’ That story really touched me and I wrote this song for her. I can’t begin to imagine the pain she must have been experiencing in that moment.” You can watch the video for “Helianthus” below along with pre-ordering the new LP from the pre-order link.

Formed in 2018 in Long Beach, NY, Family Dinner are friends first and a band second. Living just a few miles apart, the group formed naturally when drummer Nick Amalfitano was jamming out with guitarist Michael O’Keeffe as Natalie hummed melodies while making dinner, and thus the band name came to be. Rounded out by bassist Sam Weiss, the band began crafting songs, released a few singles, and started playing shows at DIY spots within the tight-knit Long Island music scene. In 2021 the band released the EP, You’re So Cool, featuring four melodic tracks that pull from 90’s alternative rock and punk ethos. As Family Dinner continues to grow, having fun remains of key importance in the way the band creates and performs. With a new record on the way and touring in full effect, Family Dinner are on the cusp of being a must know act in the world of alternative rock and beyond.