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Baltimore, MD's hardcore heroes TURNSTILE have announced their new album GLOW ON, out August 27th via Roadrunner Records.

Recorded with producer Mike Elizondo and co-produced by Yates, GLOW ON follows TURNSTILE’s 2018 album TIME & SPACE, which saw the Baltimore band charting new ground for hardcore, expanding stylistic boundaries and celebrating new possibilities. With GLOW ON that utopic vision is fully realized; 15 tracks devoid of borders, boundaries, or entry obstacles, only abundant imagination, heart, and grooves plucked from all corners of the musical spectrum. GLOW ON includes the singles “HOLIDAY,” “MYSTERY,” “NO SURPRISE,” and “T.L.C. (TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION) from TURNSTILE’s recent TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION EP and companion short film. GLOW ON also includes guest features from Blood Orange on “ALIEN LOVE CALL,” “LONELY DEZIRES,” with additional vocal contributions on “ENDLESS.”

Glow On album artPre-OrderAugust 27th, 2021


Jason Gordon

Turnstile return with my most anticipated AOTY

July 16th, 2021

After a long 3 years of waiting, Turnstile have finally anncounced the follow up LP to the amazing "Time & Space" with their new LP titled "Glow On". Based on the singles I've heard so far, this album is already shaping up to what could be their best album yet and will certainly be in contention for AOTY. These guys never disappont, and bring so many different elements and styles to their unique brand of hardcore. No one combines heavy agression, sharp start-stop grooves, sing along mleodies, and massive hooks the way Turnstile does. I can't wait to share some thoughts on the full length LP, and its taking every ounce of self restraint to refrain from listening to the 4 previously released songs on repeat non-stop until the album drops. I can't wait to hear these songs in the context of the full LP and I'm sure these guys will deliver, they always do! With live music coming back, Turnstile is a band you won't want to miss. Do yourself a favor and check out the songs Mystery and Holiday if you don't believe me.