Just Take Everything

heaving., the experimental heavy alternative rock band from Peoria, IL have just announced their debut EP titled "Just Take Everything" set for release on March 22, 2024. The band takes most of its inspiration from nu-metal, grunge, hard rock, and post-hardcore and consists of singer/guitarist Morgan Stricklin, drummer Tyler Spatafore, guitarist Trevor Spatafore, and bassist Bowie Adams. The band first practiced in mid-December of 2022 and played their first show January 20th in their hometown of Peoria, IL. After several local DIY shows with 250+ attendees, heaving. released their first two songs entitled ‘distorted’ and ‘zipper’ less than two weeks apart in 2023 and a one-off single titled ‘do something,’ in 2024. Their upcoming five song EP entitled ‘just take everything…’ will contain 5 brand new heavy songs, combining elements of nu-metal, grunge, post-hardcore, and heavy guitar centric alt-metal drawing inspiration from bands like Deftones, Hum, Superheaven, Helmet, and Chevelle, while fitting right in with newer bands like Split Chain, Day Aches, Siilk and Soul Blind. The EP will include the pummeling new singles 'breathe' and 'purified' both which can be streamed below and were recorded by the band in a single bedroom over the course of a couple months. These new tracks cover themes of anxiety, drug abuse, heartbreak, and consolation. The songs were written and recorded by the band, mixed by Tate Mercer, and mastered by Adam Cichocki. This is another great addition to the long list of newer bands drawing inspiration from the heavier distortion filled guitar rock, alt-metal and post-grunge of the mid and late 90s.