Disaster Trick

Boston slowcore indie rockers Horse Jumper of Love have announced their new album, Disaster Trick, due August 16th on Run For Cover Records. The album finds the trio cranking up the volume while keeping the no-frills intimacy they’re known for. Frontman Dimitri Giannopoulos’ evocative lyrics and arrangements suddenly turn from delicate to blistering, their music is full of intensity, contrasting between quiet and loud, heavy and gentle, and animated by stark emotion and straightforward, timeless songwriting. Lead single “Wink,” featuring guest vocals from Wednesday’s Karly Hartzman, strips down Horse Jumper of Love’s songwriting to the essentials: urgent, accessible arrangements full of catharsis. Of the song, released today with a Brittany Reeber-directed video, Giannopoulos says “I was inspired by a Russian short story called “Leaves” by Dimitry Bakin. The story is partly about people leaving their home for something better but when they return they are back to the same place they started. The story shed some perspective on my own life and the ebb and flow of pushing forward for something better and going back to your old ways.” You can stream the single below.

About the new LP, Disaster Trick, which also features additional contributions from Wednesday’s Karly Hartzman and MJ Lenderman and Ella Williams of Squirrel Flower, feels like a creative reset for the band, partly due to Giannopoulos’ recent sobriety. “This was the first album I've ever done where I went into it with a very clear mind,” he says. “In the past, we would just show up at a studio, drink, and record. Here, everything felt purposeful.” With this newfound energy, the band entered Asheville, North Carolina’s Drop of Sun Studios with producer Alex Farrar (Wednesday, Indigo De Souza). The recordings soar with searing guitars and an unshakeable rhythm section, comprised of bassist John Margaris and drummer James Doran.