If We Ever Live ForeverLongwave

Longwave have announced their new album, and first LP in over 10 years, If We Ever Live Forever, out October 25 via Bodan Kuma Recordings. They have also released their new singles for "Dreamers Float Away", "Stay With Me", and title track "If We Ever Life Forever" along with videos to accompany all three singles which can be streamed below.

"A long time ago, a recording engineer friend told me that he thought that our band made music that sounded happy and sad, at the same time. This song has that," says Steve Schiltz, guitar/vocals of Longwave.

'"Dreamers Float Away" is one of my favorite songs on the new Longwave record. It was kind of a sleeper, a song that I wrote that wasn't immediately popular amongst all 4 of us, but which fought its way to the end," shares Schiltz. "To me, the song features a lot of the best of the 4 band members...Christian's bass is melodic and rhythmically interesting, Jason's drums are creative, but still kind of groovy, Shannon found some really beautiful guitar sounds as usual, and I even enjoy my vocals and lyrics here."


If We Ever Live Forever album artPurchaseOctober 25th, 2019